Magnus Linhardt

Ibanez and Mesa Boogie

Year of birth:


Personal info:
I Live with my girlfriend Ann and my son in a small town called Boxholm.
I work with iron in my own firm, but through the years I´ve moved around in Sweden doing different things.
My interests are my family, music and an occasional grogg every now and then.
Apart from Falconer I´m also a member of Choir of vengeance (Black metal) and Catapult the smoke (stoner), three very different kind of bands.

Favourite 5 Falconer songs:
Dreams and pyres
Perjury & sanctity
Jack the knife
Mountain men
The Coronation

Favourite 5 albums:
Everything with Motorhead
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
Down - Nola

Favourite 5 movies:
The Godfather triology
The Big Lebowski
Das Boot