Stefan Weinerhall


Date of birth:
12:th of May

In Mjölby with my wife Pernilla and son Joar.

Musical background:
Started to play guitar around 15 years of age and through the years I´ve played with bands like: Mithotyn, Indungeon and now Falconer.
Have never really considered myself to be a guitarist but more of a songwriter.
Although I´m a musician I am far from an audio freak. For example I hardly don't know the brand of my stereo.

Best Falconer moment:
Wacken 2002, because it was something surreal for a band that had only been active in the rehearsal room for 2 years and then suddenly play infront of thousands. The gig itself is another thing.

Worst Falconer moment:
The nights during our European tour in 2004. If you was to fall to sleep you had to down a couple of beers cause the shaking and twisting of the bus made you think death was imminent otherwise. Thank you bus driver "Schnitzel-Fritz" who drank too much and slept to little.

Favourite song of each Falconer album:
Falconer: Wings of serenity
Chapters from a vale forlorn: Clarion call
Sceptre of deception: Sceptre of deception
Grime vs grandeur: Humanity overdose
Northwind: Catch the shadows
Among beggars and thieves: Dreams and pyres

Favourite 10 albums:
Black Sabbath - Heaven and hell
Rainbow - Rising
Jethro tull - Heavy horses
The nightmare before christmas - Soundtrack
Queen - A night at the opera
Jesus christ Superstar - Soundtrack (1996)
Iron Maiden - 7:th son of a 7:th son
The Ark - We are the Ark
Conan the barbarian - soundtrack
Manowar - Kings of metal

Favourite 10 movies:
Shawshank redemption
Name of the rose
Bowling for Columbine
Adam och Eva
The Notebook
The Nightmare before christmas
The green mile
Lord of the rings triology
The Crash
The Illusionist