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Falconer LIVE on Wacken Open Air in Germany (date TBA). Check out the tours!

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Falconer LIVE at The Underworld, Camden, London on 17th of July!
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Falconer LIVE on MetalHeart festival in Norway.

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Falconer LIVE on Sweden Rock and Wacken Open Air. 

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Falconer search for new members after internal hostility.

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Hi everyone. 

Sorry for the lack of news but things have been calm for a while. 

Not much is up really except from writing new songs and some rehearsals. 

Mathias is as busy as usual, Karsten still figures out how to raise a new born and I have just moved. 

We just extended our deal with Metal Blade for another 4 more albums. 


We didn't see any reason to change label or even look over the fence since we´re this content with the present situation and collaboration. 

The future plans consists of the festivals of course but also a studio recording sometime this winter. 

About the new material: 

So far I have 7 new songs done, but there´s still more work to them. 

Slightly faster and with more unexpected turns is all that I can say now. 

The lyrics will all be about Swedish medieval life and episodes. 

Not a concept album really but still something in that direction. 

What I decided early on what that it wouldn't become "NORTHWIND pt.2." 

"Northwind" is as good as it can be, therefor we'll make things a tad different this time. 

Can't wait until we´re back in the studio again. 

Stefan / 21:st of April ´07


Thanks to all the fans for the great response of the new album first of all.

I still listen to it myself and think "damn it's good" but with that contentment I wonder if we can do it even better........

I don't want to write the same album again allthough NORTHWIND felt perfect to me. 

I have a few ideas of what ways to take to evolve, no drastic ones though.

We're currently planning a few gigs next year, more on that will come.

As most of you know we won't be touring, but some shows will be done during the summer.

Meanwhile Karsten has become a father to a little daughter.


So, release time for the new album which is the return of alot of things.

Hope you all will love NORTHWIND, hope it's worth the wait.

At the time I'm pretty tied up with interviews and so on, and the band activity is not really in focus right now. We have rehearsed a few times since we left the studio just to keep the material somewhat fresh in mind.

The few reaction we've attained so far seems to be very positive so we're hoping that the fans will not think otherwise.

Personally it's the first time I haven't found anything that I would like to change with the album, but I know my self-critisism will sooner or later arise in it's usual manner.

Well, that's all for now.

Take care and enjoy......I hope!

Stefan / Falconer

18:th of Sep ´06


After a horrible waiting-period things are taking shape.

The bandphotos are taken, the cover painting is almost done and there's a month left until we return to the studio for the final touches.

Musicwise things are low, we try to rehearse once a month just to not forget too much. Apparently once a month is not enough. Ha ha!

As soon as the album is done I think the ambition will rise.

Ideas for new material is already popping up but even I think that's a bit too soon, so I'll try to suppress them for now.

Until the next "frequent" update we wish you all a great summer to enjoy,

'cause the northwind will soon find new strength again.

Stefan Weinerhall / 1:st of June


The new Falconer album will be entitled: NORTHWIND.

Some of the titles will be: Catch the shadows, Northwind, Legend and the lore,

Waltz with the dead, Long gone by and Tower of the queen.

Song titles that really fit the musical atmosphere of the album.

Our label boss visited the studio in february.

He got very supportive and positive about the new album as he heard some of the material.

As told before the album will be released in Sep/oct ´06.

The first edition will contain a bonus disc with 4 trad. songs in Swedish and a short DVD documentary of the recording session.

Even the booklet itself will contain.......well, more stuff.

In July the last recordings and the mix will take place and meanwhile I´m coming up with more details and additions to the orchestrations.
Mathias is penning down the harmony and choir arrangements.
This time around you will get more folky and classical instruments added to the songs, something that really enhance things and make it more colourful. I tell you, I´m dying to hear the final result.
There´s never been a Falconer album this thought through, produced and filled with nuggets of gold.......... but I´m not the one to review it I think.


April 2006


The first rehearsal has just taken place with the complete new line-up.
Finally we got to hear some of the new songs with vocals and I´ll tell you it sounded awsome.

At this time we have allmost everything ready for the new album and as it looks now there will be a couple of traditional folksongs as bonus tracks on the first edition of the upcoming CD. However, there´s still time to make more contributions to the tracklist.

I don´t think we have been this well prepared for the studio ever before, so hopefully we don´t have to be stressed during the last days.

We will enter the studio in February, then carry on in the summer with the vocals and mixing. Allthough it feels like we have to wait to get the result it´s good to be able to take a step back and reflect and melt the impression and then get back and finalize it.

A good guess would be that the album will be released in September 2006.

I can hardly wait to hear the result myself.

Allthough it´s in many ways a return to the old style there is still elements of a refreshing feeling. Don´t know exactly what it is though, more variety, more details, more produced or maybe it´s just a feeling.

Falconer - Dec2005/Jan 2006


Well, once again the line up of Falconer is changing.
"Now again!!"; you might say.
It do sound a bit unstable to do this every once in a while, I know.

After realizing that changing vocalist was not that applauded by people nor was the musical change on the last album (isn't it great when people are open minded....) we thought: Ok, sailing towards the wind is getting boring (personally I would say a sense of cynicism started to grow), why not sail with it instead in good mood?

After changing the new music into more folkish style (and loving the sound of it) Karsten and I thought, why not go the whole way, it would really fit the music.

So hereby we present you the return of Mathias Blad.

So we thank Kristoffer for the years in the band, it´s been a great time we allways will cherish and we assure you all that this has nothing to do with personal matters.
We which all the best for Kriss in the future.

This kind of thing is about the worst things you can do to a bandmate if you´re all friends but in the end, this is not a sand box, it´s a band.

// A slightly sad but optimistic Stefan, Karsten, Jimmy and Magnus
- 051118


After a couple of shows in 2005 (where Night of power was great)
we again start to look at new material.
The new material is not as "standard metal" as the last album.

It was a great album I think but maybe it wasn't the right sound for Falconer all the time, it's not what brought us our fans. More folk and epic melodies for the masses!!

As some of you might know we did record a music video this spring, we got it a while back and although it's not much to brag about we thought you should have a chance to see it.
(it will be added here soon - Webmaster)

The last couple of months has been quite calm in the band, nothing really going on, but now the inspiration and glow is coming back.

Falconer - 051101


Yup, it couldn´t feel any better.
This weekend we had a rehearsal with the new lineup for the first time.
(Only Magnus was hungover instead of the entire band!!)
If you were there you would have felt the energy and enthusiasm,it felt like a musical spa for the entire body.
We could take on a gig tomorrow if we had to.

Talking about gigs, we have now got ourselves a touring agency to work for us in the future.
Dragon-productions in Germany, they seem to be real fans and are as positive as us to work together.
Let us hope for some groovy festivals for the summer.

I can't wait until we enter the studio on the 13:th of December for some glögg, coffee and risgrynsgröt and of course that manditory computer fuck-up that allways has to occur the first week.

What we have left now is just the cover, the photos and some guitar solos.

Stefan, 041010

(2 giants, 1 man and 2 dwarfs)

On the 18:th and 19:th of September we held an audition for the few guitarists we had chosen out from those who had applied for the job.
We played one song from every album.

On the evening the 18:th we went to see Kristoffer perform with one of his coverbands "Copycats" for a full house. It can´t be only work. Name a rehearsal weekend with Falconer where everyone is feeling OK on the Sunday. Ha ha!! We never learn!

When we tested the last guitarist he played the songs exactly as I did.
Every boing, pling and shugga-shugga was there. But we wanted a good solo guitarist and when he started to do his solos the rest of the band got lost leaving Jimmy to be the only one playing correctly. Hmmm, ehrr well.
It really just took only about 20 seconds into the first song and I watched Kristoffer's face: yup it was a fact, Jimmy Hedlund was the guy.


We´ll have a full band to rehearse the new album with but also
to rehearse some more old material with Jimmy.
All the songs to the next album is written and most of them rehearsed.
the title of the next album will be "GRIME VS. GRANDEUR"

It feels like it´s "for real" now.

Stefan, 040921


Falconer is now only 1 member short. A bass player has rehearsed with us for 2 months now and everything works out fine and smooth so he's been added to the members section.

We are also coming closer to decide upon a guitarist, there are 2 guitarists that look mighty interesting. More news on that later.

We have at this moment 8 new songs rehearsed and hey, how fun it is to play with a bassist and not only Guitar + Drums.

The music institute in Switzerland has actually just got the test results back and they say: "If you are a Falconer fan and don't like the new songs, you suffer from a bad form of stupidity."

The new album will be recorded around new year. We learnt from last recording's circus, so this time only the 5 members of the band will be on the album.
No guests.

Stefan, 040803



As you know we are 2 members short at the moment. It does not affect the future of the band in any way, nor the song writing.
The writing for the new album has gone very well so far, it seems like this time we have to cut out songs from the album for the first time. It might be a bit too early to say yet, but the material feels very fresh and sometimes different.
Over all it feels like it's gonna be a bit faster and harder. I have just visited Kristoffer in the lovely Gothenburg archipelago for some bouncing of ideas, writing lyrics and drinking beer.
He will be more involved in the new album since he's got some really great ideas.
The new album is planned to be recorded around new-year.


We have gotten quite some interest from people who want the job.
Since we're not in any hurry we won't rush to a decision but a bass player have been tested and it looks promising so far.


We are also recording some bonus material for the next album + a little song that will end up on the website only.
The bonus recording is more like a fun thing we're doing but we think it will please some fans.

Until the next time, have a great summer.

Stefan, 040623